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Repairer REVEL

Product advantages

  • Positively influences mental state and reaction speed 

  • Increases IQ (recovery after its reduction)

  • Improves current state for Alzheimer’s patients
    and blocks the disease’s advance 

  • Increases appetite 

  • thanks to ALFA application a very strong effect immediately recognizable after the first correct use

  • Possibility of one-time use

  • Easily accessible (non-prescription), favourably priced 

  • Also has been found helpful for achieving sobriety

  • Easily digested, without any known contraindications or negative side effects

Product Information

Regular use of the natural product REVEL Repairer is intended specifically for seniors over the age of 60 who have begun to manifest memory loss, senses of exhaustion, difficulty in concentrating, slow or inaccurate judgment, insufficient appetite for living. Increases IQ by 10 or more points (does not decrease ability to focus). Users have noted a sense of reduction in age of 5 or more years in comparison to reality, a sense of happiness, strength, and desire to live. 


One-time use has been found useful for all age groups. It is particularly suitable for increasing IQ (helps with concentration), faster reactions (e.g. sports and games), studying (increases learning retention), "scan disk" (one-time mind-clearing), sobriety (reduces withdrawal symptoms).    








REVEL Repairer is used exclusively with ALFA application: shortly after waking in the morning (not after afternoon naps) consume the ready REVEL Repairer capsule while reclining and wash it down, 20 minutes “relaxing”, not thinking about anything in particular. During this period, do not get up and after this period of 20 minutes (+/- 1min) do not go back to sleep and rise from bed. If you suffer from poor sleeping and in the early hours repeatedly wake up and fall back to sleep, determine the moment of consumption as the time of planned waking minus 20 minutes. Even in the event that you have been up for some time, the effect is still significant, if reduced.









What is Alpha Application? 


The processes that take place in the human brain still await their full description by science. From the outside, they are manifested as the emission of electromagnetic waves of various frequencies. In the professional literature, there are 4 groups of frequencies, indicated as Alpha (8-13Hz), Beta (14-40Hz), Theta (4-7Hz) and Delta (1-3Hz). From deep sleep in the frequency of up to 7 Hz, the process of waking continues through the Alpha faze, in which the self-curative processes of mind and body are set in motion. It is precisely the moment of taking the curative substance, during the transition from the Theta to the Alpha frequency  of brain waves that is known as Alpha Application. Its full effect has not been completely explained, but it is evident that even ordinary curative substances taken at this moment can significantly influence your mental and physical state for the entire day, and sometimes differently or worse than the substance should be expected. For this reason, we do not recommend that you experiment too much with Alpha Application yourselves! On the other hand, proper Alpha Application could be the long-sought key to the cure, or at least the symptom reduction, of many mental illnesses, including brain damage caused by drugs or alcohol.


How Alpha Application works in practice >



20 capsules per package

Ingredients in 1 capsule

Cholin bitartrate 18,0 mg
L-citrulin 213,2 mg
L-arginin 349,0 mg
Schisandra chinensis extrakt 22,0 mg
Magnesium stearate 19,1 mg
Vitis vinifera extrakt 10,5 mg
Vitamin E 6,0 mg (50% RDA)*
Vitamin B6 0,9 mg (65% RDA)*
Lutein 0,9 mg
Biotin 45 μg (90% RDA)*
Folic acid 90 μg (45% RDA)*
Vitamin B12 2,5 μg (100% RDA)*


* RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance)

Proteins 568 mg
Fats 22,6 mg
Saccharides 44,9 mg
Calories 11,3 kJ/2,7 kcal

Repairer Revel – PDK 2593292




Maximally 1 capsule per dayexclusively
in ALPHA Application!


Do not exceed the recommended dose!

Contents of the capsule

The contents of the capsule are 655.8 mg.


Keep at room temperature in a dry and dark place.


Keep out of reach of children. No substitute for a balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Not intended for children under the age of 12 or pregnant and nursing women.



The capsules are of HPMC type, not using animal products.The product is free of pork derivatives.