Zdeněk C.: A friend’s car broke down in France, and with two pills there and two coming back I could drive the whole way without stopping once, so I guess it really does work.

Honza K.: The real crunch came around two o’clock, so I gave it a try and it all turned around by six, and still OK the very next day.

Jana P.: Around noon I start to get incredibly hungry, but I could stand to lose a few pounds. After taking Activator I think I’ve forgotten all about food, I keep on working and really don’t feel any hunger. Now to lose a few more pounds! ;)

Petr O.: My girlfriend took it and I have to say I thought she’d been somewhere for lessons, I didn’t even know it was her, so perhaps it wasn’t all coincidence.

Aleš K.: Sometimes my back freezes up, but after Activator it all loosens up in an hour, strongly recommended.

Jirka Š.: I’m training for the “Ironman” triathlon, and when I’m done in, it’s like catching a second wind, really super.

Vašek H.: Somehow I can’t keep my eyes off the women, or more to the point, the better bits… It’s not unpleasant, but I’d always thought I wasn’t much of a ladies’ man before. Haven’t you had the same thing happen?

Zbyněk O.: I enjoy squash, but sometimes between the half and three-quarter points I get lazy. With Activator, I revive and feel great after the match, certainly better than I do without it.

Helena P.: Well yes, it works, but I don’t know how an anti-doping committee would view it, the box says it’d be all right, but does anyone have any experience with this? REVEL said that it should be trouble-free, but only “should be” ….

Aleš K.: I usually get cold easily, but with it I felt warm even in the water, I went snorkelling as if I were in a full wetsuit, unbelievable.

Karolína J.: I suffer from cold hands; this really gets the blood flowing, my fingers all feel as if they just got out of a tanning bed.


Franta B.: Most of the time I take it mountain-climbing, reducing the amount of food I have to bring, it really works.

Pavel Z.: Almost everything causes my stomach to hurt, and this really doesn’t at all. I’ve reached the age of 45, but can keep up with those twenty years younger, just can’t believe how well it works.

Martin B.: Repairer was what I bought for my mother. From all evidence, she’s much better, and is now buying it herself, but combination with Activator clearly didn’t work for her. Only Repairer and that’s really good.

Jarka P.: So here’s the result from a week of using Activator. One lady at work swallows the capsule whole, and I dissolve them in water. Both of us confirm that we can take care of 2x as much work as before.... so there’s definitely been the result we wanted. I never get to bed before midnight, I’m so full of energy.

















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