Activator REVEL

395,- Kč (price incl. VAT)
  • Strong effect of gaining energy
  • Useful in moments of tiredness (rapid effect)
  • Suppresses feeling of hunger (weight reduction)
  • Increases sexual enjoyment and libido
  • Can be used instantly
  • Effect lasting more than 12 hours
  • 70 capsules per package


This dietary supplement is particularly suited for:

  • Vitality – energy gain
  • Studying – prolongs concentration
  • Weight reduction – lowers sense of hunger
  • Driving – increases alertness
  • Management – for mental and physical strength
  • Sex – increases enjoyment and libido
  • Sports – increases strength and stamina
  • Nightlife – destroys hangovers


Repairer REVEL

295,- Kč (price incl. VAT)
  • Increases IQ for all users (recovery after its reduction)
  • Improves current state for Alzheimer’s patients
  • ALPHA application causing
    very strong effect
  • Positively influences mental state
    and reaction speed
  • 20 capsules per package

This dietary supplement is particularly suited for:


Continued use (seniors):

  • Alzheimer’s disease – symptom reduction

One-time use (everyone):

  • Increasing IQ – aiding concentration
  • Faster reactions – sports and games
  • Studying – increases learning ability
  • “Scan disk" – quickly clears the mind
  • Sobriety – reduces withdrawal symptoms

Revel food supplements

All REVEL natural products have been registered and introduced to the market after several years of development. Our expert biochemical laboratory has prepared them in the form of dietary supplements. Precisely balanced proportions of substances that match the needs of the widest possible population achieve truly amazing results, even though the products are not classified as medicines. Alpha Application could be the long-sought key to the treatment of many mental illnesses and handicaps, including even brain damage caused by alcohol or drugs. Development of powerful medicines for this area involving the ALPHA Application, however, currently surpasses the possibilities of REVEL-PEX and would require a strong partner. One clear advantage of dietary supplements, however, is that they are practically incapable of causing harm, and their combination with prescription medicines is not dangerous. Nonetheless, we do recommend that persons suffering from illness consult their doctors regarding the parallel use of REVEL dietary supplements with their prescriptions.

REVEL dietary supplements work similarly to the release of money into individual areas of a budget. However, if you truly are at the end of your capacities and have nothing to release, it is necessary to stimulate genuine energy, which is best in the form of simple sugars or MCT oils.